Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Blue Cross Blue Idiots

Last week I went in for a checkup with my oncologist, and he was fairly happy with the progress.   Then came the evening out with Mindy and Dave, which led to two days of suck.    (suck = losing 4 more pounds in a hurry)    So I went back into my oncologist on Friday, and was given a big bag of fluids.   That seemed to help, and gave me some strength to make it to Campbell's soccer game on Saturday, and to do some yard work (with the help of Dasha and her dad) on Sunday.  

But I have a comical approach to my Sylatron script that BCBS offered up last week.    Dr. Perez gave me a script for 5 additional shots.    I had taken 3, and left 5 to get me through the 8 week full dosage part of the plan.    So, my oncologist sends my script off to QVL Pharmacy in Plano, and they order the 5 shots.   BCBS calls the next day and says "We aren't going to pay for that, you need to switch to our national pharmacy".    Okie dokie......I call QVL, and they already have the 5 shots, at a grand cost of $68k.   (NOT returnable!!!!!!!)    I really feel bad for QVL, as they just ordered the script and have been great, but the pharmacist explained that it has happened before, and to do what I needed to do to make BCBS happy.        So, back to a phone call with BCBS........the "expert" tells me "since the cost of the script went up, they have to send it back in front of a review panel and it could be a week or so"........a week?????   really?    Yo Sparky, I need it by this Friday, and there isn't another option, why do you think the cost has gone up?     "well sir, your Dr. ordered 5 shots, and last time we approved only 3, so the cost is because of the additional shots".      I say "the cost is the same, just additional shots"......she says "we view it as a whole, and the cost has gone up"......so I say...."if you buy 3 apples for .75, and then buy 5 apples, it's going to cost you $1.25, but the apples still only cost .25 each, do you not see that???"    The apple example somehow confused the lady on the phone, so I just asked for ONE dosage (just one apple) to be overnighted to me.....and that went through.   So last Friday Dasha stared out the window waiting for the UPS truck, then went with me to the Dr. to get my fluids, and our sweet neighbor Kelly waited for the big brown truck.    One brown box was delivered, and I get to have another conversation with BCBS this week, going through the entire thing again, to get one more "apple" delivered this week!

This week I've felt fairly good, just really tired and worn down.   I'm not sure if it's a culumative effect of the drugs, or just trying to work through this is catching up to me.    But I'm half way through with the full dosage part, and can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  

I have had multiple people as about the anatomy of the actual shot, and what I do, so this week I'll document the entire process, with pictures!!!!!!   I know the suspense might be too much to take!   Have a great week everyone!!!!!!!     


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