Thursday, March 22, 2012

Twin Powers Unite

The impossible finally happened....we surprised Mike! Mindy, his sweet twin sister and her husband, talked to me about a month ago about coming in town for their birthday (which is today). She expected that he would be taking his shot today and wanted to come in and go to dinner and spend the night the night before. Somehow we managed to pull it off and he was actually surprised. We had a great dinner with them at Craft in the W Hotel- one of our favorite restaurants. Mike was a trooper as usual...nothing sounded good on the menu nor tasted good, but it was so much fun to spend time with Mike's sweet twin sister and Dave.  I poke fun at her alot about how close she and Mike are, but I am so blessed to have inherited her and my three other sweet sister in laws. There in times, especially during Mike's treatment when he "chooses" not to listen to my advance and I have to 'call in the twin' for some help...he seems to love her dearly and listen to her advice and wisdom and take it to heart. I'm so thankful for her.

Mike had a rough night after dinner and the exciting day seemed too much for him and he was exhausted and weak this morning. He has spent his birthday at home in bed resting. 

Mike, I know it isn't the birthday you thought you'd be having in 2012, but I'm so thankful we could celebrate last night a little bit. I'm most thankful for the many people praying for you and the doctors taking care of you. I love you so much... Dasha
P.S. Gig Em Aggies

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