Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Random Thoughts...

In honor of my blogging mentor and wife of my BFF from Victory Tavern Fight Club, I have some quick hit random thoughts for this Wednesday...

How do dogs know something is wrong.   I mean really!   Our Jack Russells have not left my side when I've been home in the last two weeks.   Constantly staring at me as if to ask "you ok buddy boy?"

How many more levels of sainthood can my mom get?   She showed up with a car full of groceries.....not your normal groceries, but things she had researched online that would taste good to me, or add calories to my diet.    Then when I got home from work yesterday, there was a note on the counter explaining that there was a salad in the fridge, and what to do to make my dinner.   And she made this water concoction from fresh mint and ginger that she grated into the water.    She is amazing...

Jillian and Bob should add Sylatron to the Biggest Losers on the show!   I've lost 14 pounds in the first two weeks, and that is with trying to keep weight on.    I am able to slow the weight loss a bit this week, but it's still a trend that needs to stop.

Why does coffee not taste good?   Of all things to have affected by the metalic taste in my, my beloved coffee!?!?!?!?!   NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.......

We are having Pei Wei for lunch.    I'm not sure why I think Pei Wei will taste good, but I do have a strawberry/banana smoothy on order (thanks Robin) and a stack of crackers ready to go.

Why does the new Baylor football stadium look like a toilet bowl, and something out of the English Premier League?  I guess the 28,000 crazed fans that attend the games didn't get a vote on the design.

My Junior Trader resigned yesterday to explore another opportunity.    Hey Sparky, nice timing on your, there isn't anything going on where you might be needed in the office in the next six weeks!! 

I'm taking Vegas odds on Rob getting hurt while skiing.    He has already knocked himself silly with an accident on day one, now I'm just waiting for the call to fly to Colorado and help strap him to the roof, then help drive the HUGE family's a matter of time.     Have fun Jules!!

That is all for now......I hope my girls are having fun in Houston at the rodeo!!!!! 

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