Monday, March 12, 2012

Friday Can Be Deceiving...

Thursday night came and went, and I felt pretty good.......I had a fairly significant headache on Friday, but nothing I couldn't deal with.   "Better than last week" I thought, this Sylatron is nothing!!!!!!!   But as I learned with Interferon, each day can bring new challenges, and just as I think there is a pattern developing to the side effects, something new pops up.   Saturday I felt good enough to help my brother-in-law Mike help us with putting down hardwood floors in our kitchen.......but after wrapping up and heading to Rudy's BBQ to meet the family, my evening went downhill in a hurry.  Three bites of BBQ and some bread was all I could eat, and I was home in bed by 7:30.   And it didn't help that the Daytona Supercross was a mud race for that fact, I'll blame Saturday night and Sunday on the rain at Daytona.

Sunday came and I made it from bed to the couch, then back to bed, then the couch, then back to bed......see a pattern here?    Luckily the PGA Tour was playing at the Blue Monster at Doral in Miami, a course I've played 5 times and love, so I watched that most of the day and fought off throwing up.    Sergio Garcia also was fighting throwing up, after taking a smooth 12 on #3.......heck, my quad there last year looks pretty good now!      Now......a side note on throwing up.........I have not yacked in 20+ years.   An impressive streak that I intend to keep in tact........if I have another weekend like I had, the streak may be in jeapordy. 
Two pieces of toast for dinner and I was back in bed for the evening.     Let's hope for a better Monday and a good week (or at least a couple of days) before we spin the "Side Effects Roulette Wheel" again!!!

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