Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sylatron and a prayer...

It's Thursday again, and that means one's time to administer the shot of Sylatron and wait to see what side effects are coming.   But today I'm distracted.   Distracted by the fact that Dasha is taking the girls to A&M for a tour.   Oh dear God in heaven, I have but a few requests......

1)  That the girls get some type of mild food poisoning at the Dixie Chicken that ruins them on it forever.
2)  That the girls ask what the Confederate Flags on the wall of the Dixie Chicken mean, and someone really tells them what they stand for.  
3)  The girls try to walk or play on the grass anywhere on campus, and an energetic 19 year old corp kid draws his sword on them because they are not showing the respect to the grass that the grass is owed.
4)  That the girls ask for a cheerleader uniform, and someone at the Co-Op shows them a Sherwin Williams white coverall and tells them that only boys get to be "yell leaders" here, and they are dissappointed to the point of putting the stuffed border collie back on the shelf.
5)  That the girls ask someone "Is that the biggest tree on campus, isn't that just a big bush???"
6)  That the girls ask someone "Are you going to the SEC to escape being Texas' bit$%?"    (yes girls, in this context it's ok to use that word)

I do hope the girls have a safe and fun time in College Station, and remember, if you want to go to A&M I will still love you, I just won't pay for it!

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  1. Mike - you might be my new go-to blog to check when I get to the office :)