Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Update on 3 week checkup

Tuesday started as any other day, I got up and drove down the tollway in a driving rainstorm and by the time I made it to the office I was already dragging.   Sitting on the 39th floor, staring at 4 computer screens was not helping and I struggled to stay awake.   At one point I got up to get some water, and was really dizzy and was going downhill was the first time that I really felt like I was going fall if I tried to walk.   Damon, a great friend and co-worker said "I'll walk you to the parking garage and I'll take my keys in case I need to drive you."    Amazingly, another friend and mentor, Ken Sheppard, had just arrived in the lobby of our office to say "hi" as he was downtown for a meeting, and Damon asked if he could give me a ride home.   Ken and I talked on the way home about how he hasn't been downtown for a meeting in a couple of years, amazing how God puts people in places, knowing there is a need or a challenge.    I was very thankful for the ride, as I was still really uneasy and shaky for a couple of hours.

At 3:00 we had our three week follow up appointment with my oncologist, Dr. Perez.   I'm officially down 16 pounds in three weeks, but that trend has slowed a bit after the first 10 days.   Dr. Perez is the same oncologist that treated me with Interferon, so he is pretty happy with the Sylatron results so far, as he remembers how miserable I was during the treatment 4 years ago.    3 weeks down of the full dosage, 5 to go!

Sorry Thumper there wasn't any comedy in this post.....I'll try harder next time.......and I didn't cuss either!

I'll leave you with this............Campbell scored a goal in her soccer game and got "Player of the game".    She was so proud.    And Avery had an "Aggie Hat Trick".       Two goals for her team, and one for the other!  haha    Sorry Dasha, it's not a post without some mild Aggie humor.

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