Monday, April 9, 2012

Anatomy of a Shot...

As I promised a couple of weeks ago, I documented my last shot for a blogging pictorial adventure.   Well, not too much of an "adventure", but you get the idea.

The week starts with a call to the BCBS pharmacy (see post below for commentary on that subject) and one round of Sylatron is on the way.

Ding Dong:   UPS delivery man here!
Me:  You can just leave it on the doorstep, what is it?
UPS Man:   It says "SUCK" on the box......
Me:   Ah yes, that is for me....thanks Chief!!

It comes in a nifty box with a guide that includes cartoons to show you exactly what to do after you open the box if you can't read the giant print  (insert Aggie jokes here)...

This is everything in the box.......two syringes and the actual medicine is in the gold vial.  That is a quarter that I placed in front of much "suck" in such a small package!!

The red vial is just saline.   I draw out 7ml from that one, and put it in the other vial.   The gold vial has the actual Sylatron in a powder form, and it takes about a minute for it to dissolve.   

Then I withdraw 5ml of the dissolved solution...

and inject into my leg.   Good times!!!!!

Yes this was by far the most boring post I've done, but the people asked for it, and the people get what they want!!!!

I will try and post more often, especially since JFA has been posting from a hospital bed!!!   Impressive to say the least.

I'm officially in the home stretch though, with 6 shots down and 2 to go...then I switch to the 1/2 dosage.  The last week and the weekend were pretty rough, and I think that the cumulative effect of the Sylatron is starting to beat me down a bit.   Mostly a headache and dizziness that just won't go away, no matter what I take.   But work has been great, sending me home most afternoons when they see me sitting at my desk with my eyes closed......I am very thankful for the people I work for and with!!!     I'm also thankful for my bride, as she has been great, and has kept the girls relatively quiet as I've come home and slept most days.

We've also been overwhelmed by the cards, calls, meals and help with the girls.    There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not thanking our amazing God for the people He has put in my/our life....what a blessing!!!!!

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