Sunday, April 29, 2012

Half Dose Here I Come!!!

My blood work came back better, and trending in the right direction, so Dr. Perez ordered the half dose of Sylatron.   After a few hours, BCBS had it approved (I almost had to start a 'look, it's just half of an apple' from my previous speech) but it was approved and set for a Saturday delivery.   Saturday afternoon the half dosage arrived at the front door, but I was in the middle of smoking about 100 pounds of meat, and took the shot around 5:30.   I felt great at dinner that night, and felt great on Sunday also.   I had a small headache this afternoon and my hands and knees are aching, but nothing compared to the full dose.   I'm really hoping this keeps up, because this is doable.    I'll update Monday or Tuesday on how the transition to work on the half dosage is going, and I'll have reports back on the pulled pork and brisket.   I'm not sure which is more important....hmmmmmmmmm......

I hope everyone had a blessed weekend and great week!!!!!!!


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