Monday, April 23, 2012

NO Shot For YOU!!!!!!!!

"No shot for you!!!" is what I heard again last Friday.   I had an appointment with the great Dr. Perez, and he said my blood work had come back with low white cell count, and a bad liver function number.   (The Cribbs of Columbus, OH could explain this better........or any number of the lawyers that think they are doctors in my family).   So he is holding me off for another week.   I have another blood test on Wednesday, and hopefully they will have the results back Thursday so I can start the half dosage shots on Friday.  

One concern, and it's an odd concern......but I'm feeling great!    We had a really good weekend with the girls, and had a fun dinner with friends Sat night.    The concern over feeling great is upon starting the Sylatron again, if you have taken a "break" from the drug, it's like starting over again with the week 1-2 side effects........and those sucked!    So I'm really hoping to start the half dosages this Friday, so I'm not too far away from my last shot.  

I also am now doing my PET/CT scans quarterly, and those are tomorrow morning at 7:45.    Hopefully those results will come back better than they did in January!!

Thank you again for everything friends and family are doing for us.    I feel covered in prayer daily, and blessed beyond what I can describe!!!!!!!!!!


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