Tuesday, December 6, 2016

"Don't make me call Mindy"

Quick post to let everyone know that I'm not going to MD Anderson tomorrow (12/7) for treatment.   Side effects have been acting up in the last week or so, and I've been acting like they are no big deal.   But they have been getting worse, and bordering on what Dr. Patel would say is 'worrisome'.   Dasha said "Don't make me call Mindy".   That is the ultimate threat!!!!!!!   It's like President Trump getting ready to hang up the phone with North Korea, and saying "where is that nuclear football??" just loud enough so Kim Jong-bad haircut can hear him.  So I emailed Dr. Patel and her nurse, and they said to wait at least a week.   I'm in Washington DC next week for 2 days on business, so this is a probably a good thing and a blessing.   I gave the nurse the week of the 19th go get me back down to Houston, and I'll update when I have the appointments lined out.

Speaking of blessings..........I've tried to think of a way to express my gratitude for the Go Fund Me page, and after going through 10+ ideas, I decided to honestly tell a story......

So, I've had a stack of bills in my backpack for a while.  (yes I'm too old for a backpack, but I work with 20-30 somethings, and they give everyone a Splunk backpack when we start)   Some are from the surgery in November of 2015, some from MD Anderson, some from random treatment stuff.   As anyone who has had a bunch of surgeries or treatments knows, you get all kinds of bills long after the surgery.   (example......a company in Oklahoma that makes the surgical socks that compress and release on your feet during surgery)   So that stack had grown to a solid inch and a half plus if I set it on my desk.   I took that entire stack out and wrote checks to each and every one of them.   I can't express the lingering stress that stuff like that creates, and the GFM allowed me to pull them out, and be 100% done with them.   What a blessing......thank you.

Mike and Dasha

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  1. Mike--Behind on your Blog posts but I have been praying for you! And certainly will continue. Life is so hard. But I will pray more than anything that you can experience joy, peace and hope during this time of trial. Praying for perseverance! Praying God's strength for you!