Thursday, December 22, 2016

Aardvark Races!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After getting home to a big "Welcome Home Daddy" sign Saturday evening and seeing the Jackson's off to Lubbock Sunday morning I was exhausted by the time we got home from church.    Hanging out on the couch most of the day, taking it easy was the plan.   Unfortunately, I had taken the horse steroids for 4 days, then stopped while waiting for my script to be filled for 24 hours.   NOW I know that aardvarks don't like that inconsistently, and most of my Sunday looked like this (imagine aardvarks running):

I had already cancelled my flights to Houston for Monday, because there wasn't a chance I was going to go through with the 4th double treatment.   By Sunday night I was miserable, and Dasha begged me to book flights to keep my appts at MD Anderson Monday morning.   A late night call to Mindy to let her know, and 3X the cost to re-book the flights I had just cancelled 6 hours earlier, and I was watching a Supercross 2017 Preview show at midnight.  

Made it to HOU easily, did blood work and waited to see Dr. Patel.    Here is the recap.........

  • I'm done with the double treatments.   The nivo/ipi did it's job and jump started the Tcells.
  • I might NOT do the nivo 2 year regiment, depending on what Dr. Ross says
  • Dr. Patel is thrilled with the reduction in tumor sizes
  • Next step was to email Dr. Ross's team (surgeon) and get back down for scans in Jan
  • Then Dr. Ross will decide if he wants to do surgery or wait and watch
From the beginning I've placed my trust in the amazing teams at MD Anderson, and will lean on Dr. Ross's expertise on when to do surgery.   Dr. Patel said my stomach issues Sunday were 100% from stopping such a heavy dose of steroids cold turkey for 24 hours.   So she put me on a stair stepping down script for the next 3 1/2 weeks.   My arms look like I'm a bad heroine addict.   Completely bruised up with track marks from so many needles last's a good look!

I have something next week that I've never had in "work life"......time off!   Splunk's office is closed from Dec 23rd through Jan 2nd!   I'll still be "working", but    (sorry Damon.....high 4?)

Merry Christmas everyone.........thank you again for thoughts, prayers, meals, and more love and support than I can wrap my head around.    I'll update as soon as I have a plan with Dr. Ross and his team.


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  1. Mike, l hope you remember me from Foley's and if you do, l can only imagine your surprise at seeing this blast from the past. I randomly found this blog and am truly sorry to read about all your battles with cancer. It really does suck. Just wanted to reach out and say hello and let you know that you will be in my prayers. You have a beautiful family! Take care during this latest journey. Madeline Burress Sheppard