Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mount Everest Ear

I finally figured out the perfect way to describe my ear a couple weeks ago.......Mount Everest Ear.   Don't even try, I've already copyrighted it, trademark and have the rights to    Do you remember seeing the guys come off Mt. Everest, and they had a couple people on their team die on the mountain, and they made it down but lost 4 fingers, 5 toes and an ear?   Well, that black charred, frost bitten ear is Mt. Everest Ear.   So, mine wasn't quite that bad, and it looks pretty good today as 3 layers of skin have peeled off and is looking better every day.   My neck looks 100 times better and feels better every day.   And my taste is SLOWLY coming back.......which is a good thing.    I do have a PET/CT scan today at 11:30 am.   I'm not worried about it because the last one was in December and only showed the small reoccurance in my neck that was removed.   I'll start back on Sylatron in the next few weeks, probably the week after spring break and a big BBQ competition we have in Ft. Worth.   And I'll be on a week on/week off protocal, and on a short leash as far as side effects and if they have a negative impact on quality of life.   But, back to more important things.........I see "Mt. Everest Ear" blowing up.  Kids everywhere wearing a plastic ear for Halloween.  Licensing deals so Ohio State can put a little OSU logo on the ear (they will buy anything because they are usually intoxicated).  Aggies could buy one to put on Reville with a little upside down Longhorn.   The possibilities are limitless!!!!!!!!!!!   Shark Tank here I come!!!!!

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