Friday, March 28, 2014

All Aboard!!!!!!!!

A good friend of mine battled cancer for years, and is thankfully cancer free now.   He compared his treatments to a roller coaster ride, and it is the perfect analogy.  And this "ride", like the Shock Wave at Six Flags, is a roller coaster I've been on before and know well. 

Starting back on Sylatron tonight is a known entity.   I know it well, and know what to expect......that is the good thing.   If I was starting a new drug like Yervoy, there would be the unknown side effects and timing of said side effects to deal with.......but my long lost friend Sylatron, we know each other well.  I know how I'll feel around midnight tonight.   I know how I'll feel in the morning and how I'll feel standing on a soccer field tomorrow afternoon.    Side bar:   Why can I yell (encourage) my girls to spread out or run faster, and they ignore me, but if I ask in a whisper "who would like ice cream?" they all scream and run to me??   But I digress.......    I know how I'll feel Sat night, Sunday, and Monday.   THAT in my mind is a good thing.   I'm a planner, I like things organized and on time, and Sylatron NEVER fails.   And having a week on, week off schedule is hopefully a good thing also.   I know going in the roller coaster is pulling in tonight, and will be back in two weeks.  The up and down and loops in between is predicatable, and known........and that is a good thing too.  

All aboard!!!!!!!!

Side bar II:

Don Juan is still an idiot.
Nikki should be an Abercrombie model.
Yes I had to look up how to spell "Abercrombie"
The BBQ judges in FW apparently had radiation and can't taste too.
Full Draw BBQ is back to catering......get your orders in NOW.
Cozi is a great family calendar.
How many years does a hot water heater REALLY last?
How could anybody possibly know that?
My birthday dinner at LUCK was great with great friends.
We may not be allowed back in LUCK for a year.
Just like our year long ban from Victory Tavern.......I see a theme here.
Jimmy Fallon over laughs at his guests.
And I miss Circle 6 Farms.


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