Monday, January 13, 2014

Good luck in the "Tunle"!!!

I have great pure accident, luck and mostly because of my wife...but they are great Christian kids.   CC, AMP and I have a little thing we do.   I write in a journal, leave it on their nightstand, and they write back and leave it on my nightstand.  (I can't take credit for this.......another D invention)   But the "letters" that we write each other are great, and their insight and humor is classic.   Much like the post it note that was left on my mirror, and the journal entry that AMP left for me last night.   Side note:   The girls don't know much.   They know Daddy had surgery, and he's had them before and always seems to be ok, and that he sometimes feels crummy, but again, always seems to be ok.  But they started to ask more questions over the weekend after multiple people have reached out to us and mentioned treatments starting today.  So D explained, best you can, to a 9 and 7 yr old the process of radiation.   A wrote me this note:

AMP is in first grade, so she can write a full letter, but almost all phonetically.   If you need translation:   "I hope it doesn't hurt when you get in the tunnel."

And I had this on my mirror:


Yes, I feel loved and covered in prayer today, through friends and family, and my wonderful girls.   Yes, a little nervous just because of the unknown.   I'm such an "expert" at Interferon and pegated Sylatron......switching to a new treatment brings the unknow.   But notes like those above are priceless!!!!!



  1. Mike,

    What an awesome testimony from your girls. Glad the tunle was not too bad. Love you.

  2. Two down, 18 to go and we are praying for no permanent damage. I love you!