Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Midnight Update

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ear.....I come to report decent news!

So, update earlier and the car ride home was interesting, or at least I'm told, because I don't remember any of it!   I was so ready (rushed) to get out of the surgical center and I was probably still under decent anesthesia and loopy pain drugs....but I was ready to get home!!   I slept for several hours this afternoon, and woke up feeling pretty good.   Definitely a lot more sore than earlier in the day and worn out, but compared to previous surgeries where they messed with lymph nodes, glands and nerves, this was a walk in the park.   Dr. B was able to avoid the nerve that controls the right side of my mouth, and it wasn't working today, but he said that was because the area had been injected with something during the surgery.   Very happy to see if that returns to normal.

So......big day #1 is behind me and I'll call it a success.     Big day #2 is tomorrow when we meet with Premier Cancer Center on 75 about the scheduling of radiation.   I'll have a lot of questions, not only about timing and scheduling, but also about the side effects and why it wasn't suggested just a couple of years ago.   I'm really looking forward to this meeting, as it's the last piece of the puzzle of information that we are gathering.

BUT, I'll post tomorrow with an update on what we learn and how things are going.

And I know I say this all the time, but I'm blessed to have such great family and friends......Love you all very much.


P.S.   Nice gritty win for the Stars on the second night of an out of town/in town back to back.

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