Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I Hate Bluebonnets

Don't get me wrong, there was a time when I loved the sight of the state flower of Texas, the bluebonnet.   On a deer lease in Valley Mills I was on several years ago there was a field that was covered in bluebonnets, as far as you could see.....and there was nothing prettier than turning the corner to the blue blanket of spring.   But now, that pesky blue weed is going to haunt me......you see the kind folks at UTSW decided that I should get to see something "soothing" on the ceiling when I'm bolted to the table and the Mega Radiator 2000 spins around me.  So in the ceiling above the table, is a backlit picture, that looks like the one above.   So that is what I get to stare at, well kinda.  Imagine looking at the picture through a tiny peephole in the Hannibal mask......that is my view of the mighty bluebonnet.  Now you see why they are quickly becoming my nemesis.

So 16 down, 4 to go, because of the MLK holiday, I limp into my last treatment next Monday.  (thanks a lot Bin Laden)  I'm tired but that is nothing that can't be managed.   My taste is changing quickly, and not for the better.........not that I can think of any ways that your taste could change for the better other than everything tastes like Kent Rathburn prepared it.....but I digress.   Everything tastes "metallic".   Even water tastes odd, like I have a ball of tin foil in my mouth with the water.   And food just tastes odd, or muted with an odd after taste.   I'm really hoping that goes away at some point.   My throat is raw and swollen, but hasn't gotten any worse in the last week, so that is good news.   The side of my face and neck looks like a have a sunburn, and feels like it too, but nothing that can't be managed with a gallon of aloe vera lotion daily.  The hair on the right side of my face and neck has stopped growing all together, so the GREAT looking grey hunting beard that I have every fall will be a thing of the past.  Zoom in on the caribou picture and tell me that is not a great looking hunting beard!   And the hair on the back of my head on the right side is falling out by the second.........so I have that going for me!!!  And my right ear feels like it's swollen shut......but who needs two ears anyway.    I did mention the more annoying of the side effects to Dr. C last week, and her answer to everything is "that is expected, would you like some pain meds for that?"   If anyone would like hydrocodone, I'm a seller.   Philip Seymour Hoffman was a potential client, but I guess he switched to smack..........too soon?????????   (idiot.........but let's have a big tribute to him next year at the Oscars, by then he won't be the only one)

I'm cheering for Nicholas to beat Nina in Top Chef tomorrow night, even though I think Nina will win.       Actually we are ALL winners because they show Padma in a bikini in the previews.   Full Draw BBQ is registered to compete in Ft. Worth in March and Arlington Supercross is less than two weeks away.   Life is good.

4 to go!


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